My Story

Dredmor Plunder be the most feared ‘n infamous pirate in all the Bay Area. I were a long time at sea, ‘a pillagin’ n ‘a plunderin. A long nite ‘a too much rummin’ n ‘a too much rousin’ found me marooned on a plot a land dubbed “Fittleworth.” It were here that I found meself bereft ‘a much needed armor ‘n also bereft ‘a me plunders due to some fiduciary obligations that a humble pirate like meself cannot avoid. Havin’ drunk me allotment of such funds, I found meself in need of acquirin’ some new piratical garb. After much though, I decided it were in my capabilities to make me garb meself, ‘n as it turnt out, I was correct in me assumptions! I took to the craft like a siren to the song. I put me pillagin’ days behind me ‘n me plunderin’ commenced. I set out to make me wares attainable to all, be the rich or be they less-blessed ‘n I’ve naught to look back. I still cleave flesh from bone from time ta time as a simple bo’sun is want ta do, but me leather is me life, ‘n me leather is what sustains me life now. ‘N so was birthed Dredmors Plunder. Be it baldric or be it boot strap, each piece ‘a plunder is handmade by me with the finest quality leathers ‘n with all the love a humble pirate can imbue.