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Going on Account

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So you want to go on account and be a proper pirate, do ye? Have you found yourself at a weekend pirate festival in yer little striped pj’s, drinkin’ yer rum out of a coconut with a little umbrella in it and Arrr-ing and a Yarr-ing in somethin’ like this?

And then did you find yerself comin’ upon a scurvy lot be pillagin’ n grogging ‘n lookin’ like this fearsome bunch?

Did ye then think ta yerself that this be the fit n’ proper way of festival piracy n’ ye’d per’aps like ta do yer pillagin’ n plunderin’ in a more serious fashion yerself? Maybe ye’d even like yer own cutlass and pistol ta ‘ave at hand. But how would ye be carrying’ it then? Not in yer little striped pyjamas. No. T’int fit, is it? Ye’d want a proper baldric, ye would.

Baldrics are both practical and fashionable at the same time. They are versatile and variable as well. Ye can have a light one fer yer easier plunderin’s or a more substantial one fer when ye need to wreak some serious havoc, right? Well, we’ve got what ye be wantin’ fer all yer pillagin’ needs.

First up, we have the 2 inch baldric. It’s best fer those summer days of pleasant piracy when ye want to feel unencumbered ‘n free. It be also good fer the smaller lads n’ wenches as well.

Featured below is the 2 inch Kraken baldric. One of our most popular and economical items, it boasts a hanger for your sword as well as a removable holster for your firing or replica black powder pistol. The pistol holster is removable and can be worn on up to a 3 inch wide belt.



But do you want to strike fear into all that see ye? Then we have the 3 inch baldric, be fittin’ fer the most fearsome of pirates. Our most popular item. Made by pirates for pirates, this baldric holds your sword and your firing or replica pistol all on one rig and also boasts a frog for hanging your dagger, boarding ax or other weapon of choice.

The leather is top quality and features a 3 inch stainless buckle. The strap flares to its widest point at 4 1/2 inches and has a rear pivot point for a more comfortable hip placement.
The pistol holster and sword frog are adjustable front and back up to 6 inches for lift and size placement of your deadliest weapons.


So whatever yer plunderin’ dreams be, Dredmors Plunder has got what ye needs.

Good luck in yer future ventures, mates!